List of correspondents

The list of correspondents reflects the epistolary material relating to Francesc Cambó that the Fundació Institut Cambó has on record. The list is not exhaustive and we are currently working to expand it.

In the ‘Letters’ column, which shows the number of documents belonging to each correspondent, carbon copies, as well as originals, may have been counted; additionally, some original documents have been lost. This means that the digit shown in these squares is not an exact indicator of the total number of letters exchanged between Cambó and the correspondent in question.

To consult the Francesc Cambó archive held by the Institut, you must send an email to In the body of the message, include the purpose of your consultation, the institution with which you are collaborating (should this be the case) and your contact information. You may also do this directly through the contact form found on this website.

As for the letters not kept by the Institut, you should write to the institution that appears in the list’s ‘Localització’ (location) column, should you wish to consult them.

If in the corresponding square the Institut Cambó abbreviation (IC) appears followed by the name of another institution (e.g. IC-Fundación Maura), this means that the Institut Cambó only has photocopied material and, in order to consult the originals, permission must be requested from the institution where these are kept. (In the case of the above example, for instance, this would be the Fundación Antonio Maura in Madrid.)

Legend of files identified with acronyms:

AHCB: Arxiu Històric de la Ciutat de Barcelona (Historical Archive of the City of Barcelona)

ANC: Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya (National Archive of Catalonia)

BC: Biblioteca de Catalunya (National Library of Catalonia)

IEC: Institut d’Estudis Catalans (Institute for Catalan Studies)

RAH: Real Academia de la Historia (Royal Academy of History)